Friday, 13 April 2012

Back to Baking

First I want to apologize for being absent for so long, you know how it is when you are in school and you have all your final assignments due and exams. You get busy and you never have time for anything you really like to do, such as baking. I know! I almost succumbed and bought store bought cookies, I was craving something sweet, but I refrained. I knew that things would die down and I would have time to make something really good on the long weekend.

So what did I make? Well first I made cinnamon buns, but I deemed that not good enough for you all yet. Then I made banana muffins so that my family and I would have something for breakfast this week... the muffins were gone in 2 days. Kind of defeats the purpose family, just saying that maybe you shouldn't eat them so fast. Although I made these delicious creation I still felt that you deserved something better, something more exciting, something more colourful!

In comes sugar cookies frosted with purple and yellow royal icing! Sweet and delicious without being overwhelmingly sweet. They were a lot of effort I am not going to lie, and really I could have spent wayyyyy more time icing them to perfection, but they were mainly for me and well I don't care how pretty the cookies look so long as they are yummy!!!
At the end you will be able to print the recipe but here are my tips for baking this recipe:

  1. Chill the cookies after you have rolled and cut out your shapes before baking. This short time in the fridge will prevent them from spreading so much while they bake that they lose their shape.
  2. When icing your cookies have some stiffer icing first to pipe along the borders of your cookie to provide a border. Then you can water down the icing so that it is runnier and spreads nicely and makes that nice shiny smooth cookie! Here is a video tutorial I found for all of you that explains and shows it a bit better! Plus it shows some more ideas on how to your ice cookies! 

To print the recipe click here.
For my written tips on how to ice cookies by flooding click here.

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